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Islamic Empires Wiki Assignment

  • Worth 100 points total - 50 for wiki article and writing multiple choice questions - 50 for performance on “bizzle” or big quiz/little test - Honors students must also write one short response question that asks for a focused comparison of any two empires – this should ask for a paragraph-length response (5 to 7 sentences) and should be applicable to any empire studied
  • Wiki article (150 words minimum-250 words maximum – shoot for 200 words) with links, plus 2 multiple choice questions per student, due Monday, April 5
  • Multiple choice “bizzle” in class, covering whole wiki, on Friday April 9

Groups and Division of Labor


Rashidun Caliphate
Abdul, Laura, Jean

Ummayad Caliphate
Anne Marie, Ryan, Mike

Abbasid Caliphate
Erin, Cammie, Taylor S.

Fatimid Caliphate
Mary, Natalie, Travis

Al Andalus
Ben, Julia, Gabe


Sarah, Kevin, Cristophe

Seljuk Turks

Taylor D., Jeremiah, Shaunteri

Ottoman Empire

Jeremy, Sonya, Liz

Persian Empire

Caroline, Malik, Matt

The Khanate of the Golden Horde

Blair, Paige, Gunnar

Mughal Empire

Kyla, Lawrence, Sara
Saladin and the Ayyubids

Edward, Katharine, Whitney
Unifying concepts

Spread of Islam to Indonesia

Claire, Darrah, Kendall
Sunni, Shiite divide

Nia, Tobi, Taylor J.

Susannah, Desmond, Sua

Marissa, Emily

For each of the empires: 1) a. Summarize rise of empire and major military and political accomplishments; 2) discuss art, music, architecture, literature, religious ideas and/or culture (at least four of these); and 3) describe why this Empire “fell”/ did not conquer the world (this theme will be especially relevant to final exam in May.) Please divide these three tasks by student and tell me about your division of labor, so that it is clear to me, as the reader of your wiki article, who has written what.

For thematic articles/ map and timeline features: You will need to determine your own division of labor. You might consider dividing by time period, geographical region, or sub-topics. I will acknowledge the extra effort of having to think this decision through when grading your wiki contribution.

Tuesday 3/30: Receive assignment, 1st research day in library (no work on semester project permitted during class)
Wednesday 3/31: 2nd Research day in library (no work on semester project permitted during class unless group members can demonstrate completion of wiki article). Enter working articles into wiki format, begin to link to other articles
Thursday: Dante
Friday 4/1: Final research day in library, work on computers to finalize, revise and link wiki articles. Homework: Individually write 2 multiple choice questions (these must remain secret. I’ll pick the best of your two questions for Wednesday’s “bizzle”)
Monday 4/5: Wiki completed, multiple choice questions turned in.
Tuesday 4/6: Students “teach” their Empires
Wednesday 4/7: Finish student lessons, work on conclusions to semester project in class
Thursday 4/8: Study for bizzle
Friday 4/9: Take bizzle in class: 45 multiple choice questions (you may skip any five) and, for honors students, one short paragraph response question (five to seven sentences).

Parameters for Wiki Article
  • Must be clearly written and accurate
  • Must speak to your section of the prompt
  • Must avoid plagiarism (I’ll be checking, using www.turnitin.com)
  • Must cite at least two non-Wikipedia sources (Wikipedia, ironically enough, may not be cited in your article, so you should base your research on other sources.)
  • The “teaching” of your empire on 4/6 will be factored into your wiki grade.

Opportunities for extra credit
  • Technology tutorials for other students starting on Friday as needed (1 point per tutorial)
  • Fact-checking and proof-reading starting on Friday as needed (1 point per legitimate error caught)